Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow
Triad Theatre Company Launches a New Era

 “Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow will tell diverse stories to a diverse audience in search of understanding, challenging us all to grow through creation, collaboration and risk, towards a deepening compassion for and acceptance of each other.”

After nine seasons of producing top quality, contemporary, professional theatre in the Triad and a recent six-month hiatus, Paper Lantern Theatre Company is back with a refined mission, a new business model, an updated name and some new blood.  In response to the current climate of unrest and growing frustration in our communities, Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow will dedicate itself to providing a safe place for diverse theatre, storytelling and performance art to encourage reflection and a constructive dialogue among the artists, the audience and the communities involved.  

The Company will be guided by Co-Artistic Directors Kamilah Bush and Sally Meehan.  Ms. Bush is a Director and Playwright currently serving as Artistic Apprentice at Triad Stage.  Ms. Meehan is an actor and educator.  They will work together to program and manage events throughout various Winston Salem and Greensboro venues. 

The Company will not have a traditional Season Announcement, but will program events continually throughout the year, keeping their performance schedule flexible and fluid.  One reason for this change in scheduling is the source of their programming.  Along with Company productions, and with the theme of inclusivity driving all decision making, Paper Lantern will be reaching out to a broad and diverse group of communities looking for artists, writers and performers with stories to tell. 

The Company will offer resources and guidance to the groups and individuals, in helping to bring their stories to life.  New, original, in-development, or published works will be considered. Full productions, workshops and staged readings will all be part of the programming. Talkbacks with the artists and the audience members will follow most shows, to continue learning about ourselves and each other. 

Along with Co-Artistic Directors Ms. Bush and Ms. Meehan, Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow has enlisted an impressive and ever growing group of Participants.  Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow Participants are theatre artists from around the country that have committed to volunteering their time and talent towards the Company’s mission.  They will serve the Company in three important ways.  They will act as mentors to the individuals and groups that choose to tell their stories under the Paper Lantern umbrella.  They will seek out diverse stories and story tellers across our community and the rest of the country, with the hopes of bringing them to Paper Lantern.  And finally, they will have the opportunity to program and/or produce events of their own in keeping with Company’s mission.

The Company will also host bi-monthly NPR Listening Parties, complete with potluck style meals and entertainment.

Adhering to the theme of inclusivity, admission to all Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow events will be “Pay What You Can”.  

Former Artistic Director and Company Founder Amy da Luz, is spearheading the Company’s change and will manage the transition.  Ms. da Luz will remain involved as a Company Participant and the Chairwoman of the Board. 

The Company’s first event under the new name will be a staged reading of FACING OUR TRUTH: TEN MINUTE PLAYS ON TRAYVON MARTIN, RACE and PRIVILEGE, directed by Kamilah Bush.  The show will be performed in Greensboro on August 12 and 13 and in Winston Salem on August 14. Visit the web site for more details.

Paper Lantern Theatre for Our Tomorrow would like to encourage any artist or group of artists that have a story they would like to see produced to visit their web site for more information on how to submit for consideration.  Join the Company’s mailing list, and get connected on social media to stay updated on the continually growing list of productions and events.