Do You Have A Story?

How can theatre get a diverse group of communities to come together?  How do we get a dialogue going?  We reach out and ask people to tell their stories.   Do you have a story you would like to tell?  Is it in line with Paper Lantern's mission?  Published? Original?  In development?  Reach out to us using our CONTACT page on this site.

We Are Here To
To Help You Tell

Company Participants will review your story as it relates to our Mission.  If it's a good fit, one of our Participants will mentor you and your group through the producing process under the Paper Lantern Theatre For Our Tomorrow umbrella.   It could be an informal reading, staged reading, workshop, or full production.  What does that entail?  We'll assist you and your group in:

  • Finding and reserving a venue
  • Budgeting
  • Casting assistance
  • Marketing

We're aware that each production will have its own unique needs.  Details with regards to the Paper Lantern mentorship and all that includes will be specified and agreed upon for every production. It is important to remember,  we don't want to take your story and tell it, we want to help you find the necessary resources so you can tell your own story.

And We Have
Stories of Our Own
To Tell.

Along with mentoring productions through our community outreach, Company Participants will have their own original programming.  New, diverse, exciting and inclusive - this is Theatre For Our Tomorrow.