Few Secrets of Facebook Ad Design to Increase Conversions

For any kind of ad campaign including a Facebook ad, unless you create a great design, you will not be able to achieve your objective.

Ad design is very important because through this we visually communicate and try to present our brands before the public. Your product may be amazing, but it will be very difficult to get attention unless it is backed by visually unappealing, and a powerful ad.

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Let us share a few secrets that you too must know so that your ad design on the Facebook page may get large audiences.

  1. Consider your format of the ad during your design process

Before you start designing your ad, you must first decide in which format you want to make your campaign. You can choose any of the following formats for your ad:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Stories.
  • Messenger.
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Collection
  • Playables

Try to find which format will suit best for your product.

  1. Ad placement must compliment your design

The placement of your ad is equally important as the format of your ad. You can consider any of the following ad placements.

  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Desktop right column
  • Mobile newsfeed
  • Marketplace
  • In-stream video
  • Stories
  • Audience network

You need to study various ads on the Facebook pages to decide the right placement for your ad.

  1. Call for action must be clear in your advertisement

You may have a very attractive advertisement that can be visually appealing however unless you mention what action to be taken in your ad, it will not be effective.

The most Facebook audience will spend 1.7 seconds viewing your ad and that must be sufficient for them to take the decision.

  1. Your landing page must be magnetic and must match with ad

Make sure that your landing page must be equally appealing as your ad. Your ad may succeed in taking your audience to your target page, however, if your target page does not match with the ad then all your efforts will go in vain.

  1. Get the right size of an image

While designing your ad, ensure that your video or images are of the correct size and proper aspect ratio is maintained. Any poorly formatted videos and images can be difficult for viewers to see properly.

By maintaining the correct aspect ratio, all your information can be seen properly by your viewers.

  1. Anyone can easily make powerful images

You must understand that not everyone can be a great photographer or a graphic designer. To hire specialists for this job will increase your advertisement cost greatly. Luckily, you will find a few affordable options as a free resource such as Unsplash and Canva.

  1. Use the right images

Your images are going to represent you on Facebook. So, you must select the images very carefully. A few tips to get the right images are:

  • Use a high-quality image.
  • Showcase your product/service within the image.
  • Avoid too much text.
  • Give the image a very clear focus.
  1. Consider the colour psychology

Specifically, you can use colour in the following way so that it can:


  • Grab the reader’s eyes by using proper contrast.
  • You must define your brand identity as Facebook is identified with blue colour
  • You must associate your products with any emotions or feelings.
  1. Use location-specific imagery

One great advantage of Facebook is that you need not make your ad such that it can appeal to everyone. If you want you can only target specific regions or demographics. Your design of a Facebook ad can reflect this by making use of the ad images and also copy that will speak only to particular audiences.

  1. Design for mobile

These days more and more people have started using their mobile phones to scan through their Facebook pages. Therefore, you must ensure that your images must be compatible with mobile phones, which has become very important these days.

A great ad design on Facebook will help you to attract attention. All the above tips can help you to achieve that. Now it is up to you to put all of them together for your products or service.