What Are The Major Benefits Of Soy Wax?

Many candle makers wish to use soy candle wax because of its tremendous benefits. Many candle enthusiasts want to choose soy wax over candles made from different types of waxes. Soy candle wax is made from soybeans. It is the solid form of hydrogenated soybean oil. As a result, it becomes the natural and renewable product. It is quite different from paraffin because soy is the pure compound used to make candles. When you use wax made from soy when making the candles, you will reward with the following benefits.

  • Renewable material 

Since soybeans are grown tremendously, soy candle wax is readily accessible and renewable. You have to spend more money to get other natural candle waxes such as beeswax because of its limited supply. But, soy is the viable and consistent alternative for people who want to make candles from natural sources. This renewable material will never affect the environment.

  • Ensures clean burning 

Candles made from soy wax will render you a cleaner burn because they produce less smoke than paraffin wax. It means people who are sensitive to candle smoke will use candles made of soy. In fact, you can make soy candles at your home because soy waxes are easily available online. When you have kids or older people in your home, you can go with soy candle wax. It also makes sure the air inside the home is safer and cleaner. In addition, it minimizes smoke damage nearby the ceilings, walls and furniture.

  • Easier to work with 

For candle makers, different forms of candle wax are extremely simpler to work with. So, there is no exception for soy candle wax in this aspect. Since this wax is as adaptable as paraffin, candle makers use it according to their needs and demands. You can even scent and color the wax to experiment with different designs and shapes in the candles. You can even mix the soy with other wax types such as beeswax to develop interesting blends. This 100% natural compound helps you to make the candles easily and quickly.

  • Burns for a long time

Soy wax burns slower and evenly when compared to paraffin. As a result, the soy candles will last longer. Although you will pay more for the soy wax, the candles burn longer and assists in compensating the extra expenses. The lower heat of the soy candle makes sure the scent stays longer. But, it depends on the quality and amount of the scented oil used in the candles.

  • Ease of cleaning 

Soy wax has the lower melting point than paraffin wax, as mentioned above. Thus, the soy wax turns softer at the lower temperature. So, whenever you find the soy candle wax spills, you can clean it up with hot water and soap. It helps you to clear the mess quickly. It avoids the usage of harsh chemicals. For candle makers, it is highly beneficial because it helps a lot in cleaning the equipment and tools.