How To Prep Heaters and Plumbing for Upcoming Winter?

Keeping heaters and plumbing systems well-maintained for smooth functioning in winter is essential. Frost, hail, or snow can strain a home’s insulation. Staying well-protected from outdoors freezing temperatures is crucial to prevent humidity from setting in. Maintain your heating system is also important.

Boiler servicing from professionals is mandatory 

The boiler heats water and transports it via pipes to home radiators making the space warm. If the boilers are old then steam is transported to the pipes rather than water. Different kinds of fuels are used to power the boilers including oil, gas, electricity, propane, wood, etc. in every case, the fuel ignites and the flame heats water in the boiler.

It is recommended to hire a professional Wilco plumber Marrickville for fine-tuning your boiler every year to minimize repairs. Overlooking boiler maintenance can be bad because every year cases connected with carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty boilers are increasing. Regular maintenance from professionals ensures safety as well as prolong the lifespan of the boiler. It will also consume less fuel and maximize its efficiency.

Professional boiler maintenance in winter includes –

  • Clean debris from combustion air openings and ventilation areas.
  • Verify the water level as well as test the low-water power cutoff.
  • Ensure the boiler floor is clean.
  • Clear boiler furnace.
  • Test flame detection device and look for smoke or soot.
  • Test safety valve.
  • Test thermostat functioning.
  • Replace filters.
  • Lubricate the motor.
  • Check the flame color – blue is fine but yellow shouts a possible issue.
  • Check for proper venting.

Additional tests and checks will depend on boiler type and brand. Winter boiler professional maintenance ensures that you and your loved ones stay comfortably warm in freezing conditions.

Other precautionary measures to prevent heater and plumbing issues

Drain the pipes

Frozen pipes don’t trigger water leaks right away a bit when the accumulated frozen water thaws eventually post-winter water leaks suddenly occur. To prevent water from freezing shut waterlines that lead outside your home. Turn on the garden hose and drain the water remaining in the pipes.

Insulate drained pipes

After draining cover the exposed pipes with insulating tubes. It helps in preventing them from freezing or cracking. For more protection add a heat tape layer between the pipe and insulating tube.

Rinse water heater

Water heater failure in winter is a nightmare. Rinse the water heater to eliminate the mineral deposits and dirt. Have it rinsed professionally to ensure the unit runs efficiently all the time.

Check pipe leaks

In winter plumbing leaks are problematic. A tiny over-the-ground pipe leak can freeze residual water in the entire connected pipework. Copper or plastic pipework’s are prone to break or split from ice. So, check leaks on over-the-ground pipes and if necessary have it repaired.

Drain the radiators

If your radiators make odd noises when they are turned on then call the professionals. They will flush out the heating circuit. Air gets trapped inside the radiator is released. It is responsible for all the strange noises. Simultaneously, the plumbers even check for corrosion.

Call licensed and qualified plumbers to handle the winter plumbing and heating tune-up before it damages the property more or transforms into a huge mess. Prepare your property to handle the upcoming winter storm or a cold wave.