What Is Milk Jug Rinser?

The Milk Jug Rinser is now the standard for espresso coffee preparation. This is especially important in the milk-based market. Clean milk pitchers are essential for hygiene and quality in steamed milk jugs. Glass rinsers have been adopted as milk jug rinsers in the Cafe setting. This is a very efficient and effective method to clean milk cups. Milk cups are used continuously throughout the shift. Gone are the days when you had dozens of milk jugs to clean.

Rinsers make your jugs spotless within seconds. They remove any milk residue from previous steamed milk. Press the upside-down milk container against the star of the rinser. Cool jets pressurized water spray up into the jug, rinsing it off in a connected drain.

It is easy to install a milk jug rinser in your cafe. First, decide the length of the rinser. Next, decide whether you want an ‘in-bench’ or ‘above-bench’ pitcher rinser. You will need to modify the bench to accommodate either the full-recessed rinse sink or two small holes to allow for drain and water inlet hoses.

The standard of water inlets and drainage ensures that the installation of your milk jug rinser will be as easy and painless as possible. To ensure a perfect fit, we recommend that you buy your milk jug rinser before cutting the bench.

You Can Also Get Additional Benefits By Investing In Milk Jug Rinsers

It is easy to avoid cross-contamination issues caused by having multiple milk options on your menu. To immediately use Almond, rinse the jug with Full cream.

This increases workflow and makes cleaning milk semi-automatic. It also allows you to wash your jugs at the espresso machine. This is often done while multitasking.

You save money on wages and water consumption. They are extremely efficient at their job and rarely call in sick.

You can choose from a range of sizes so you can find the right one for your wishes. We guarantee that you will get the highest quality products, regardless of which brand you choose.

Remember To Clean Your Jug Rinser Self!

Although rinsers can be powerful cleaning tools, they also need to be cleaned regularly. The lines can become clogged with milk particles and sugars, which can cause blockages or slow down draining speeds (which can be painful if you are in a hurry).

It Is Easy To Treat Rinsers.

Rinse the drain and clean it at closing. You can pour hot water down the drain. Bonus points if it has a coffee cleaner. Remove the star from the faucet and clean the walls of the rinser with a clean cloth.

Every few weeks, use a dedicated water cleaner. A dedicated milk cleaner should be poured down the line every two to four weeks to maintain its health. This is a great way to remove gunk buildup from the line that cannot be reached in any other manner.

It is straightforward to keep your milk jugs or rinsers clean. You won’t have to worry about customers getting upset by the brown gunk that builds up on your jugs.