Health Benefits From Evaporative Air Conditioning

People have been living with air conditioning their entire lives. While it’s being debated if air conditioning should still be required in schools or stadiums, we need to remember why air conditioning is so vital.

An evaporative air cooler is a device that uses the evaporation of water to cool air. It works by drawing in hot air and passing it over a wet pad, where the water evaporates and cools the air. This cooled air is then recirculated throughout the space. Evaporative air coolers are an energy-efficient way to cool a room and can be used in both homes and businesses.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Helps Increase Concentration

The heat effect on decision-making was studied and found that the body uses up more glucose – the main source of energy for physical and mental functions – to cool itself down in hot conditions. This results in a decrease in the amount of glucose that can then be used for cognitive processes.

This means that your body can’t focus on vital tasks because it is working too hard to maintain heat.

The use of evaporative conditioning frees the mind to focus on tasks, rather than survival.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Improves Air Quality

A recent scientific study showed that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. There can be a buildup of pollutants inside that could pose health risks to people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

These evaporative conditioners recharge the air inside the home with naturally cool air.

Evaporative AC conditioners use outside air to cool and filter out pollen.

Lesser Temperatures Increase Fortune and Decrease Dehydration

For comfort and productivity, air conditioning can be a critical component of any office, home, shopping center, or leisure center. As we have discussed, lower temperatures affect cognitive function. Climate control is crucial for daily activities like driving, shopping, and exercising.

  • Lower temperatures aid in sweating, which in turn decreases the likelihood of dehydration.
  • Heat waves are a very real risk of death to some vulnerable populations, including children and seniors.
  • Evaporative conditioners reduce the temperature without drying out skin and eyes.

Air Conditioning for the Environment That Cares – Yes!

Cool through natural evaporation. Through the cooling media, 100% of fresh natural air circulates throughout the home. The cooling filter media works to cool the air as well as purify it. You can rest assured you’ll have fresh, clean air all year round.

Evaporative cooling brings fresh air into homes, and unlike other air conditioning systems which recirculate the same air, it is more reliable than others.

Evaporative cool is not new. It is rooted in ancient civilizations that soaked textiles with water and hung them in passageways to catch a breeze.

Footprints with Low Carbonite

Natural air conditioning doesn’t depend on ozone-damaging refrigerant gases and an energy-guzzling compression. An evaporator consumes approximately 80% less electricity than a compressor and contributes less to global warming.

Intelligent design and efficient manufacturing methods mean that less material is used and energy is required to make each unit of evaporating. This helps reduce the carbon footprint. The makers of evaporating have committed to a reduction, reuse, and recycle program during the manufacturing and distribution process in order to minimize the environmental footprint.